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Welcome to Bambooshoot webpage!!!

During my elementary school life I learnt one Khmer saying which are near and dear to my heart until now. That Khmer saying is “Bamboo shoot is future bamboo shoot”. This is a comparing of child to bamboo shoot, which means that  bamboo shoot will grow up to be bamboo, and as the same way child will grow up to be a human resource for developing and improving its country. If there have no a good bamboo shoot or child, there would never be a strong bamboo or qualified human resource.

Starting from helping or growing good child is what people cannot be ignored. The question is that what we can do to improve it. I am of the opinion that knowing the root causes of child are facing nowadays,  the rights that the child should obtain, and then starting to find solution to those problems are the better way to begin with. For this reason, I decide to create this blog not only for reporting the current child issues or sharing my ideas about child’s rights and child abuses, but also desiring to get the feedback from the audiences for my improvement.


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