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First Step of TMYW

Tell Me Your Wish (TMYW) is a charity that I, my friend (Malita), and 2 juniors (Vuttei, and Phanny) created it up for helping children in Cambodia. The initiative idea was started from the time that we joined National Youth Conference 14th at National Institution of Cambodia.

At that time, we watched the children from one orphanage dancing on the stage with their smile and we clapped along with them. We thought that if other orphans, street children, or other vulnerable children have a chance to dance, to study like those orphans did, then there would be more smiling face from many children in Cambodia.

And Yoshi! After talking to each another about our commitment, we began our mission by drafting what we was going to do. We firstly found name for our charity, logo, the scope of our charity, charity place, and other necessary things. We spent almost 6 months for preparing our charity. Actually, we failed many times in the process of preparing. the failure here was also including the time that we planned to meet, and discussed, but we couldn’t make it due to our tight schedule. We used to feel awkward, and worried that whether we can make it or not. Should we go on or stop?

Thinking back to the previous time that we committed to help children, so we can’t stop, and we had to go on, even we couldn’t reach our target 100%.

During December 2014, we found 1 school at Arey Ksat called “Morkot Pich Primary School”* where lacked of thirty sets of 3rd grade books. Teachers there told us that they urgently need it since the new class had already started but the students didn’t have books to study yet. Therefore, we called on help from people we knew by promoting online. As you can see at the poster below, the poster was not that good since we are not professional, so we only made thing that we could do.

Poster for TMYW Charity

Poster for TMYW Charity

As you may note in the poster , we managed to go to the school on 18 January 2015 for donating the books that we bought by donation money from our friends. Besides donating that books, we also set up other activities in our agenda such as singing and playing game with students there.

Special Performance

Special Performance (Photo by Phanny)

Playing with Students

Playing with Students  (Photo by Phanny)

Playing with Students

Playing with Students (Photo by Phanny)

 It was our first time to conduct such a charity, and because of our participants,  our charity activities went so well and it was so much fun. We  specially thank to our  donors, and participants who made TMYW charity fulled of laughing and smiling.  Also, we hope that you will join us again in the near future. Again, let me thank so  much for your donating and paticipation, and please accept our apologize if there was any inconvenience caused.

Group Photo

Group Photo (Photo by Theany)

Before Going back Home (Participants, and Teacher Phearum)

Participants, and Teacher Phearum before Going Back Home (Photo by Phanny)

Before Going back Home (Founders, and Teacher Phearum)

Founders, and Teacher Phearum before Going Back Home (Photo by Phanny)

Going Back Home (Participants)

Participants Going Back Home (Photo by Phanny)

By Virya

 Thank to my classmate, Mesa, for place information. 
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Cambodian BAMBOO

Yesterday I read the article with the title “Cambodian Youth: Bamboo, Shoot is the Future Bamboo” in Official Blog of William E. Todd, U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia. He stated that “I firmly believe that supporting Cambodia’s children, from nutrition to health care to education, is the best investment that we can make in this country’s future. The government and the international development community have a big role to play, of course, but charitable giving can also have a significant impact”. This statement is really near and dare to my heart, and I strongly support this idea. Besides reveling his opinion in Cambodian children, the article also provide more information about John and Cammie Rice who making the contribution on opening Rice Academy in Phum Russey runs by NGO Called the Cambodian Children’s Fund.

For more information you can load into the main sources by clicking here.


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Kids who I’m Proud of

Can you guess what the kids were doing in the below picture?

Korpithivong Pagoda' Kids _2014-09-23 Korpithivong Pagoda' Kids_2014-09-23

Photo by: VIRYA

On 23 September 2014 was the day that I met some kids who I am so proud of at Kohporthivong pagoda. Difference from other kids from other pagoda, where I went to during this Pchum Ben Day, Kohporthivong’s kids earned money with their own effort instead of begging for money.

You might wonder why I said like that. When I first arrived there, several kids came to me and my family, and I immediately thought they definitely came for begging again as other kids who I met last week. Surprisingly, they didn’t do so, in contrast, they just walked in front of us, and their behavior was just like “please come after me to the pagoda entrance, and I beg you to give me a chance to look after your shoes while you are in pagoda. When you are back please just giving a small amount of money for my service.” More interesting thing was when my mother tried to give them some money, they seemed hesitate to get those free money. At the same time, I noticed that they all had good attitude since after getting the money they said the word “thank you”. This word made me feel that those kids will become precious human resource someday if they obtain good education.

Again, I am proud of them neither because they worked at this younger age nor left everything because of earning money, also I have no intend to encourage them to keep doing this work, and forgetting to find their real future which exists at school. The proudest thing is that they didn’t ask for help while they could work or earn by their own hands. I am of view that they give value to their hands the most by not using it for begging.


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Another Hero Exist

Be a Cambodian for 23 years, I haven’t done anything to help my society yet. In contrast, I have found some people who have spent some of or almost of their whole lives to assist other people, particularly Cambodian. I am really proud of them, and I do hope that I enable to do as them someday.

This morning I read about one of Australian, Glen Hulley,  who came to Cambodia for a trip last year, however, he has met with a stranger who changed his mind, and made him giving up everything to come up with the idea of helping children, not only Cambodian, but also other Asian who are currently facing all form of abuse activities. I really admire his kind heart and hoping he keep going on this activities. I am of the opinion that he is a real hero who comes to bright up the children lives that needs help.

If you wish to know more about the story of him such as who is the stranger, what did the stranger say to him, and how could he come to this helping conception, please refer to the main source by clicking here.


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