Kids who I’m Proud of

Can you guess what the kids were doing in the below picture?

Korpithivong Pagoda' Kids _2014-09-23 Korpithivong Pagoda' Kids_2014-09-23

Photo by: VIRYA

On 23 September 2014 was the day that I met some kids who I am so proud of at Kohporthivong pagoda. Difference from other kids from other pagoda, where I went to during this Pchum Ben Day, Kohporthivong’s kids earned money with their own effort instead of begging for money.

You might wonder why I said like that. When I first arrived there, several kids came to me and my family, and I immediately thought they definitely came for begging again as other kids who I met last week. Surprisingly, they didn’t do so, in contrast, they just walked in front of us, and their behavior was just like “please come after me to the pagoda entrance, and I beg you to give me a chance to look after your shoes while you are in pagoda. When you are back please just giving a small amount of money for my service.” More interesting thing was when my mother tried to give them some money, they seemed hesitate to get those free money. At the same time, I noticed that they all had good attitude since after getting the money they said the word “thank you”. This word made me feel that those kids will become precious human resource someday if they obtain good education.

Again, I am proud of them neither because they worked at this younger age nor left everything because of earning money, also I have no intend to encourage them to keep doing this work, and forgetting to find their real future which exists at school. The proudest thing is that they didn’t ask for help while they could work or earn by their own hands. I am of view that they give value to their hands the most by not using it for begging.


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