Cambodian BAMBOO

Yesterday I read the article with the title “Cambodian Youth: Bamboo, Shoot is the Future Bamboo” in Official Blog of William E. Todd, U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia. He stated that “I firmly believe that supporting Cambodia’s children, from nutrition to health care to education, is the best investment that we can make in this country’s future. The government and the international development community have a big role to play, of course, but charitable giving can also have a significant impact”. This statement is really near and dare to my heart, and I strongly support this idea. Besides reveling his opinion in Cambodian children, the article also provide more information about John and Cammie Rice who making the contribution on opening Rice Academy in Phum Russey runs by NGO Called the Cambodian Children’s Fund.

For more information you can load into the main sources by clicking here.


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2 thoughts on “Cambodian BAMBOO

  1. Sorya

    Great blog!


    • Thank you sister 😊 I will try harder.
      Please keep follow my blog for more update information and also please share new information involved in children for my improvement too.


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